is an Iranian artist,philosopher, film director, writer, and film producer. He was born in Tehran, Iran, but lives in Germany. Daryush Shokof was Born in 1954 in Tehran, Iran.he went to Kharazmi high school.shokof Graduated from E.N.M.U.,Eastern New Mexico University in the U.S.A. in Physics and Mathematics.he further received masters degree in business management,M.B.A. from U.D.,university of Dallas at Arlington, in Dallas, Texas,USA.thereafter he atteneded arts and film in New York University.he moved to Germany in 1985 and started a prolific professional art maximalism and film career that spans over 20 years.


in his art “Maximalism” (which gave way to his philosophy of Yekishim), in his movie Seven Servants, and in many of his paintings,”unity of mankind” , harmony and affection amongst people of all races appear to play a main role. In almost all of his films people of different races are the accomplishing forces of leading the story.thus the thoughts of “yekishim” prevailed with which he reasoned the only reason for us to be on planet earth is to become “one” and “united” both in heart and mind.

Art and philosophy: Maximalism-Yekishim

He coined the term Maximalism (with respect to art) in Cologne, Germany in 1990. his maximalist art was featured along with other artists in art exhibitions titled “Maximalisten” at the Schulze gallery in Cologne, and under “Maximalists” at the Bess Cutler Gallery in New York, in 1991. more one-man shows and group exhibitions took place under Maximalism through the nineties.the movement of maximalism was supported by other artists such as Mark Kostabi, Milan Kunc, Jan Knapp, Luigi Onatni, Marcello Jori, Wainer Vaccari , Helgi Friedjohnsson at the first Exhibition of “Maximalists” which was held in Gallery Schulze, Cologne, Germany in 1990, and later in Galleria Verlato in Italy during 1990-1992. The works of these painters had similar characteristics in which they were all figurative and had eroticism ,humore, and nature as their prime theme. in addition poetry played also a fundamental role in creating a “maximalis” work of art. All the works were socially, politically, and philosophically conscious works of arts.In the first group show at the KunstHall in New York which was curated by Christian Leigh and under the title Psycho with works from Andy Warhol, Bruce Nauman, Chuck Close, Louise Bourgeois,Rodney Graham, John Chamberlain,Ed Ruscha, Roy Lichtenstein,Heim Steinbach,Shokof presented Maximalism with a work in this group show as well. His next major exibition took place in Berlin, Germany with the Galerie 360 Grad in the historic building known previously as the Koniglichen Direction in 2003. the show was a retrospective of more than 100 works by Shokof dating back to 1985 and was received well. Shokof wrote a manifest about his thoughts on Maximalism, and said that it covers all creativities that promote harmony, and unity of mankind on Earth be it music, dance, painting or films. He stated that: “Unbalancing the chaos = Balance = Life = Maximalism” and concluded that therefore a Maximalist is not a nationalist, or internationalist but a Cosmotionalist. Cosmotionalist was the title of his one man show at the Galleria Verlato in Milano, Italy, in 1990. The thoughts of Maximalism gave way to many further philosophical theories by Shokof about mankind, Creation,God, his conviction and obsession about “unity of mankind” and the developement of the thoughts “Yekishim”. Yekishim (“become one”) is a word created by Shokof, mixing two Persian words “yeki” which means “one” and “shim” which means “to become”. in yekishim he explains that mankind is the solution and answer to the eternal questions regarding the “creation” and why we exist on earth at all.

Poison Paintings

shokof presented his “poison paintings” in the art event “Shock Off” in Berlin , Germany in, February, 2014.


Shokof made his first movie, a short experimental film called Angels Are Wired, in 1991. Since then he has made over 25 short and feature length films and has written over 50 film scripts, some of which he made into movies himself.
Shokof’s films have all been made independent of any studio contract[citation needed]. His film Venussian Tabutasco was shot entirely in a glass elevator and Tenussian Vaccuvasco was shot through the windows of an apartment block.
His most recent film, Breathful, a gangster-comedy film with an all-woman cast, is dedicated to the rights of women worldwide and more specifically to the freedom and rights of women in his own homeland Iran. The film reflects Shokof’s belief that Iran is ruled by a brutal dictatorial Islamic republic regime which ignores the many basic rights of Iranian women. His comedy feature Flushers was shot entirely in a toilet, and Wordlessness was a complete wordless feature in 2012, in Berlin, Germany.


He developed “AMENIC film” under which his last five feature films have been made including “flushers” and “wordlessness”.he described the principle of making an AMENIC film is that one first shoots the film based on a solid concept and then writes the script according to the finished film. It is the process of searching for meaning through the camera and the emotional events that are unfolding in a real way before you. There is an aspect of control and then a letting go of control so that life can come in and inform the story and the visual events in a more surprising and real way than we could make happen otherwise. The key is staying awake and aware through the process in order to recognize important moments and get the proper coverage around them. Of course the true poets remain the people who do the editing afterwards.